About Jet Club

For 15 years JetClub has provided owners of private aircraft with a unique service that:

  • Puts customer safety and security as its top priority
  • Can operate as, where and when needed to thousands of airports spread worldwide and at any time
  • Protects the value of their asset
  • Shows every penny spent in a readily understood way
  • Provides anonymity and privacy when needed
  • Optimises the value of their investment

The JetClub service is tailored to the needs of its broad portfolio of clients, whether they be individuals or business for whom private travel is an essential part of their life.

JetClub clients recognise and value the advantages of entrusting the entire aircraft and passenger service operation to highly experienced professionals. JetClub operates and manages a wide range of aircraft from Boeing Business Jets to helicopters from multiple bases.

  • Quick Service

    Any special requests can be dealt with swiftly to ensure your peace of mind.

    “For when you needed to be there yesterday...”

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